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All Schoolbacs products are designed with ease of use in mind. This means that even those with modest IT skills can quickly gain from using our advanced technology software, without needing to know how it works.

...but if you do want to know about the technology, then we'll also happily explain it for you using terms that you can understand!

Current offers

There's no time like the present, so here are a selection of offers to encourage you to take a closer look at our products today!

  • Plus! for Schools One Week Challenge
    The journey to implement a new school management system used to take weeks, if not months. And once operational consumed yet more valuable resources to maintain it and install upgrades... Not so with Plus! for Schools and we can prove it by having your new schools management system operational in under a week. School management software made easy... Read more...
  • Plus! for Site One Day Challenge
    Change your outlook on the world in just one day? Replace "I wish I'd kept my website up to date" hindsight with the foresight to offer your visitors new information every day without the hassle of making constant manual updates. Once installed no website or programming skills are needed to keep your website the freshest in your business. Frequent updates also loved by search engines. Read more...

Plus! for schools

Software to run a successful Independent school and delight fee paying parents. We save teachers, admin staff and heads time and frustration on daily tasks, help them to identify educational priorities and provide a real positive differentiator for parents choosing a school for their son or daughter.

What can Plus! for Schools do for me?
What can I do with Plus! for Schools?
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Plus! for Site

Creating tomorrow's news today! A brand new product that enables you to publish fresh information and news to your website, internet news services and even your customers Outlook folders without the constant chore of updating. We called it "for site" (foresight), because it let's you work in the future using the same tools as virtually every leading newspaper and broadcaster.


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