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Information for teachers and HoDs

Benefits for Teachers and HoDs

Report writing made easy, without phrase banks. No manual collation or disc chasing

Takes care of many repetitive admin tasks and facilitates teamwork

Always accurate and up to date information eliminates duplicated effort

Freedom to work when and where you wish

What makes Plus! for Schools great for Teachers?

Plus! for Schools is not like any other school management system that you've met before, because it puts you in control of the information that you create.


Each Teacher has their own login to Plus! for Schools, which can be accessed via virtually any internet connected computer, whether that's in school or at home. It runs in an internet browser, so there's no software to install either.

That gives you the freedom to work at school or at home, at a time and place that's convenient to you.

User friendly, easy to use

With the familiar look and feel of Office type applications, Plus! for Schools has been designed from the start to be easy to learn and to use. It's also packed with labour saving features, like Template Text that takes care of repetitive text entry in reports, leaving you to concentrate on writing your appraisal text.

Designed in collaboration with Prep School teachers, Plus! for Schools models the way schools are organised, so for example navigation from one pupil to another, or from one subject to another, requires just one click. That also means that it's visually very easy to see where you are, and you don't need to use searches or drop down lists to find basic information.

Great for teamwork

Wouldn't it be great to share work with your colleagues and avoid duplicated effort, especially at reporting time when everyone is under time pressure?

When you're writing reports using Plus! for Schools, you can instantly preview the final document, and that includes the sections written by other staff members, even if it's after school hours and they're also working at home. Any number of teachers can work on the same pupil at the same time, really opening up the benefits of parallel, collaborative working.

  • No more passing around or chasing discs
  • No more copying files and checking for the latest version
  • And best of all, no more manual collation of files or paper to make the final document

But the benefits of teamwork go further

When you start to write reports in parallel as a team, you can see what others are writing as you enter your own information. This means fewer edit-review cycles, because inconsistencies of appraisal and language are immediately obvious. The team now becomes self moderating. That also saves time for Heads of Departments and Head Teachers at final review stage too, so fewer changes fed back down the line to you.

A progressive approach, at the rate you want to progress

For forward thinking schools, even greater educational value can be unlocked from the reporting process through widening the view of each child's progress. Using Plus! for Schools, parents can read the documents online and directly add comments and feedback themselves. Equally, pupils can be empowered to directly input their own self appraisal comments.

These advanced features of Plus! for Schools mean that both pupil and parents become more engaged in the process and derive greater ownership of the future targets.

Although this might sound rather scary at first, the school can decide if and when to adopt such a holistic approach at it's own pace, and in only a couple of mouse clicks.

More value for you

Plus! for Schools also turns your work into a useful educational tool. Assessment scores are presented in tables and charts to help you to spot trends and anomalies, that help you to more easily identify educational priorities. This happens instantly with Plus! for Schools, whereas it would be too time consuming to routinely achieve the same insight using other tools.

The information you need when you need it

And perhaps some of the most obvious benefits to Teachers:

  • No need to search in the school office for paper records
  • No limitation of access to a couple of dedicated in-school computers
  • No out of date photocopied class lists

At last Teachers have access to all the information from the school's records that's relevant to them whenever they need it.


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