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Information for pupils

Benefits for me as a pupil

My parents find it's easier to understand what I'm doing at school and that helps me

Mum and dad feel closer even if they're away, because we all read my reports on the same day

My teachers find report writing is quicker, so they spend more time with me

What does Plus! for schools mean to me as a pupil?

In a few words, it's not much change, but lots to gain...

Every school does things slightly differently, but Plus! for schools fits in with how your school works, so at first you probably won’t see much change.

Except that Teachers have more time for teaching.

Once information is entered into the system, you can begin to see how well you are getting on using charts and tables. You can see which subjects you are good at and where you may need some extra help.

Good teachers can already do this, but by having this information instantly at their fingertips, means that they can more quickly work out what you need and discover any problems earlier. The earlier problems are discovered, the less catching up you need to do and the more time you have for play!

What do my teachers think of me?

In some schools, you get to read your report before it’s sent to your parents. Using this system, you might even get to write a few words about how you feel you are getting on too. Many children find that this is a great way to begin to talk to their parents about how they feel about school work and school life.

Sharing your news wherever mum and dad happen to be

And by the way, reports will never get lost in your school bag again because Mum and Dad can share your news on the day it’s released even if they are away on a business trip, because they can read it on their computer wherever they happen to be.


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