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Information for parents

Benefits for me as a Parent

School communication that fits around a busy lifestyle

I can read my child's report wherever I am in the world

We can feedback comments online

We all feel more involved with the school

What is Plus! for schools all about?

Plus! for Schools is the first school management solution that has been designed to offer direct benefits to parents. It opens up a whole new channel of information from your child's school that's available online wherever you are in the world.

It's built on a secure foundation similar to that used by online banks, so you can be confident that information on your child is being held and processed under strict audited control.

Maximum pupil-teacher contact through a more efficient and organised school

Plus! for Schools brings efficiency gains right across the school by automating or eliminating altogether many of the low level administrative tasks that teachers routinely spend time doing every day. Teachers have on-demand access to pupil information that in most schools is stored elsewhere in offices or is simply reinvented each time it's needed.

As teachers spend less time on the process of teaching, they are freed to concentrate more on delivery of the high quality of education that parents expect.

Better targeted teaching through improved progress tracking

In reporting and assessment, teachers are able to work much better as a team in compiling an accurate reflection of your child's performance, whether it be through grade cards, or formal written reports.

Statistics and charts are instantly calculated by Plus! for Schools, so teachers now have the tools to quickly and more routinely identify progress of individual children both in their class groups and each subject area. Armed with this information, they are able to highlight examples of good work and to pinpoint areas for further study at an early stage meaning less catching up.

Educational studies consistently prove that strong links between school and home is one of the most effective methods to boost a child's performance and assist them to achieve their maximum potential. With Plus! for Schools, you are able to be much more involved with the reporting process and can even respond with your own feedback that is directly incorporated in school report documents.

One place for all of my child's school information

Plus! for Schools also provides a single convenient place to find important communication from your child's school that is always topical. Information that benefits from electronic communication, but would be inappropriate to share on a public website can be communicated using the secure, closed community environment of Plus! for Schools.


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