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Plus! for schools Overview

What is Plus! for Schools?

Organise, share, communicate

Efficiency across the school

Joins staff, parents and pupils

Instant charts and tables to guide educational priorities

Easy to use, time saving communication and admin for today's Independent schools

Plus! for Schools is a web-based administration system specifically designed to solve the main challenges of today's busy independent schools. It facilitates the administration of pupil records, the creation of grade cards and reports, analysis of pupil data, school marketing, assessments, production of management reports and communication with parents via the parent portal.

Freedom from old-style resource intensive school software systems

Plus! for Schools runs via a secure internet site, sharing many of the benefits of other heavy-weight server-based systems, but does not require installation on the school's computers nor does it need in-house maintenance, saving both time and money. See how it compares with other solutions

Fits around the way schools work for quick payback on investment

Plus! for Schools is designed for rapid deployment, offering a straightforward route to a comprehensive administration system that will quickly show its worth in saved administration time, freeing more valuable effort to concentrate on teaching and face to face engagement of parents.

The solution parents love, enhancing the reputation of your school

Optionally, schools can grant parental access to selected information on their children via a separate dedicated application - an ideal benefit for a school keen to strengthen its school/parent communications without adding significant extra administration effort.

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