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Information for Head Teachers

Benefits for Head Teachers

More engaged parent community and a positive differentiate for your school

Empowers staff, building a cohesive, motivated team

Improves efficiency, saving time right across the school

Determine educational development priorities and better manage your school

What makes Plus! for Schools a winning choice for Head Teachers?

Plus! for Schools is the first school MIS system that unites interests of all of the major stakeholders in an Independent school community.

Improving efficiency in routine tasks immediately saves time right across the school.

Unlock the potential for much greater collaboration and teamwork, by broadening access beyond the traditional head-bursar-secretary boundaries dictated by the costs of conventional school MIS systems.

Staff at last have the information they need, when they need it and all in one place. Less time searching for information, more time working with it.

And with access to the system both in school and at home, even part time staff can work more cohesively as part of the team.

You're in control

All information in Plus! for Schools is held under security control using advanced password mechanisms similar to online banking websites and changes to records are fully audited, so you remain in control at all times. Its structured approach also greatly assists your compliance with Data Protection regulations.

The up to date pupil database is also at your fingertips, creating a reliable, available reference that allows the school to create value from information that would otherwise be locked in an office or too time consuming to regularly use.

Reports become self moderating saving you time

When it comes to writing reports, you can instantly see overviews of the progress your team is making using visual colour coding to highlight the status of each child's report.

And because narrative reports are compiled and collated as they are written, every teacher can instantly see their contribution in the context of the whole document. This encourages self moderation which in turn means fewer edit/review cycles, less paper and time saved for you.

Added value information to determine educational priorities

With information already entered in the system, our philosophy of adding value comes to the fore. Statistics in both tables and charts are instantly compiled to enable you to quickly spot trends, outstanding performance and areas for improvement. This information is available at pupil, class, subject and exam level without needing to re-enter data into spreadsheets etc.

This means valuable analysis is available more often than would be practical to create by other means.

A progressive approach, at the rate you want to progress

For forward thinking schools, even greater educational value can be unlocked from the reporting process through widening the view of each child's progress. Using Plus! for Schools, parents can read the documents online and directly add comments and feedback themselves. Equally, pupils can be empowered to directly input their own self appraisal comments.

These advanced features of Plus! for Schools mean that both pupil and parents become more engaged in the process and derive greater ownership of the future targets.

Although this might sound rather scary at first, the school can decide if and when to adopt such a holistic approach at it's own pace, and in only a couple of mouse clicks.

Parents see the value directly

The profile of the independent school parent community has evolved significantly in the past 5 years - typical characteristics: higher than average household income, mid career and in positions of responsibility, always busy etc.

Your parent community are leaders in the use of the internet, most likely now receiving most of their input via email and websites.

Even non-working parents are likely to spend some time each day using a computer at home.

Plus! for Schools creates a positive differentiator for your school through delighted, more engaged parents.

So, what makes Plus! for Schools a winning choice for Head Teachers?

The communication channel is open. Plus! for Schools provides the tools to engage parents, whilst also saving time, improving efficiency and adding value to education.

Plus! for Schools is not like any other school management system that you've met before, because it puts you in control of the information that your school creates, with the power to manage the school from wherever you are in the world.


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