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Executive briefing notes

Executive briefing

In this section of our website, we aim to bring a series of concise information resources that provide a quick topic summary or a starting point for further investigation of a particular topic.

Information is presented in a journalistic, editorial approach, so please note our disclaimer before using!

Schoolbacs Document Library

A series of concise briefing papers on education and technology related topics.

These documents contain original insight and analysis by Schoolbacs drawn from a wealth of information sources. A digest of what we hope that you will find relevant and informative.

Please let us know if there's a topic that you'd like us to cover.


Desktop Newsreader

For topical information from trusted news sources, our desktop newsreader allows you to read selected newsfeeds from respected news services like the BBC,, The Independent, TES and The Institution of Engineering and Technology in Surrey.

Many sources are selected/filtered to highlight educational topics, providing a quick route to more extensive content on each provider's own site.

Uses technology from Plus! for Site and RSS.


Links to further information

A selection of links to other information sources to accelerate and broaden your own research and investigation.


Note: Information summarised in our briefing documents is compiled from our own independent research of publicly available information sources. Information obtained from other providers is reported in good faith but Schoolbacs offers no warranty as to its accuracy, nor do we claim copyright to other people's work. Schoolbacs also disclaims all responsibility for content and links provided to or by websites other than those owned by Schoolbacs. Enjoy at your own risk!
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